Leafage Terrarium Workshop + Prosecco

Join us for a hands-on workshop and come away with your very own portable mini-garden and a whole toolbox of reusable skills! No previous gardening experience? No problem.

Leafage walk you through our step by step guide of your own terrarium from a self-sustained closed terrarium to a beautiful and low-maintenance open terrarium with succulents and cacti.

All the equipment will be provided for you as well as a care guide of how to look after your terrarium at the end of the workshop. The workshop includes a complimentary glass of Prosecco to welcome you as part of the Leafage crew!

NEW! Leafage Succulent & Cactus Terrarium Workshop

(Choose your favourite design in class between sandy & rocky terrariums)

Leafage Signature Terrarium Workshop

Choose your favourite container when you book your spot at our workshop

Leafage Exhibit Balham